August 14, 2018

Warning to Home Users: Here’s How You Are Getting Cheated

crazyfit width=Here is a PDF copy of an actual wholesale order form for a “Vibrating Massager”. Look carefully at the price: 125 US Dollars per item.

I’ve shown the picture from the order form. [Read more…]

Glossary of WBV Terms

A new feature has been added to the site: A Whole Body Vibration Glossary of Terms (in the right sidebar).

Any additions should be added to the comments on the Glossary page.

SoloFlex: Weight Loss Claims Untrue

soloflexUS independent consumer testing magazine Consumer Reports took the SoloFlex for a test drive and was not impressed.

Take a pass. There was no significant increase in calories burned when standing on the vibrating board. Most users who did more than stand said the WBV didn’t enhance their workout. Some panelists said the board was too small–a few actually fell off. Some also complained of headaches, blurry vision, or back pain

How They Tested

Six people stood on the device for 5 minutes, at medium and high vibration, while a metabolic gas analyzer gauged the calories they burned (our measure of “a good workout”). Six other people performed three Pilates sessions on the board, two with vibration and one without. And we had three experts in the science of human movement assess the studies Soloflex cites to support its claims.

The Response From SoloFlex

Soloflex does not make weight-loss claims for our WBV Platform nor do we suggest that it replace regular exercise except for those who cannot exercise because of physical limitations. […]

It takes weeks to see the benefits of any type of exercise program. Consumer Reports magazine should do their homework before publishing such nonsense. Supermarket tabloid reporting may be good for increasing circulation for magazines that do not accept advertising but it does not serve consumers. (source)

Reality Check
Spending 5 minutes to test a piece of fitness equipment is pathetic. It’s a bit like doing a set of dumbbell arm curls, then immediately testing for a strength increase… because there is no apparent gain the dumbbells must not work.

On the flip side – and WBV marketing literature that claims instant weight loss benefits is foolish and misleading. The same must surely be said for cardiovascular gains.

SoloFlex claims their vibrating board will “enhance Pilates, Tai Chi, Yoga and all types of stretching, freebody exercises and weight training” – which is so vague as to be almost meaningless.

Increasing Bone Mass Density

Increasing Bone Mass DensityHere are the findings from a recent detailed 8 month study on a pivotal machine (Gallileo 2000).

  1. The study found significantly positive results for Bone Mass Density increase in post menopausal women using pivotal as compared to lineal machines. (4% increase at the hip;other 8 month studies with lineal machines with variety of protocols had given no significant increment in Bone Mass Density – findings of Torvinen et al, 2003).
  2. It also found that this Whole Body Vibration (WBV) protocol was superior than 55 minutes of walking + 5 minutes stretching 3 times a week for developing Bone Mass Density.
  3. It found this WBV protocol superior to walking for developing a better balance in the subjects (29% for the WBV group and Nil for the walking group).

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List of Vibration Training Resources

We are putting together a comprehensive list of vendors and manufacturers of vibration training platforms.

If you have any additions, corrections, or deletions please add a comment below or contact us.