August 14, 2018

Dr Mercola and Power Plate, 7 revealing questions Dr Mercola and “Power Plate scientists” refuse to answer.

Recently Whole Body Vibration has been given a lot of exposure thanks to a well known natural health advocate Dr Joseph Mercola and his endorsement of Power Plate equipment. According to statistics provided by, Dr Mercola’s website is ranked number 1 for natural health sites on the internet and number 3 for health websites in general.  Additionally, boasts a newsletter database of over 1.5 million people. It is great to see Whole Body Vibration portrayed in a positive light and given so much exposure by an influential figure such as Dr Mercola. Reviewing Dr Mercola’s comments on Whole Body Vibration over the last few years gives us some insight into his endorsement of Whole Body Vibration and subsequent sales of Power Plate. [Read more…]

The Effect Of Platform Mass

The Claim: A vibration platform with greater mass applies more force to a user, than a vibration platform with less mass.

To support this claim the following is an analogy used:

“I throw the volleyball to you and you catch it. Sounds simple enough, but we all know from experience this is not hard work, for either of us. If I throw it to you 100 times you might start feeling it, but in no way would you describe this as a “workout”. So how do I challenge your body and make it work harder. Extending the distance between us will not change much, so we know Amplitude is not the key, and throwing it more just takes up time. The perfect scenario would be to make the workout harder but shorter, right ?.

The simple solution …… Change the ball to a medicine ball.

The increase in mass of the ball immediately increases your workload considerably, in each throw.”

In this article we will show you why this analogy is flawed, we will explain why the mass of a WBV platform is independent of the force applied to the user (provided the acceleration applied is equal), and we will explain what might be the difference between a heavy platform and a light platform. [Read more…]