August 14, 2018

Lip Oedema and Vibration Training

A member asks a question…..

I am a 38 year old female, being diagnosed lip oedema last year. This is a disease that causes fat to get stuck locally, especially in the legs and for some also in the arms. This disease is not to be confused with lymph oedema, which is a disease of the lymphatic system. However lip oedema can evolve into lymph oedema if not treated. Unfotunately the only treatment for lip oedema seems to be pressure or liposuction.

Liposuction seems too extreme to me, especially with the lymph oedema risk and therefore I have found an alternative solution in ultrasonic treatment which appears to implode fat cells. In order to help the fat drainage, I am looking to buy a vibration training machine. So in short this machine would be for vibro training purposes and more specifically fat reducing. At first I had a professional Power Plate in mind, but because of the high price I have taken my time to think about it and luckily I ran into this website.

Can anyone help me answering following questions:
1. is it sure that lip oedema is not a contra-indication for whole body vibration???
2. if Q1 is OK, can vibro training be of help in my specific case to have local fat reduction (legs) + overall fat reduction too
3. what would be a good machine for personal use, knowing that I live in Belgium: so far I have found ‘body coach’ and ‘Lumen’ by Body Coach of Punch Int., Wave (if so, where to get it in Belgium) -> will these machines work for me or else can you advise another make?

Lip oedema is not that well known here in Belgium (don’t know for the ROW), so I would be so happy to get some advise on this…


  1. Hi Margot,

    First off, The treatments for Lipodema and lymphedema are quite similar, all geared towards promoting mobility of the stagnant fat cells (lipodema)or fluid (lymphedema). It is not an absolute contraindication to WBV and would likely benefit greatly from exposure to this type of therapy. Having that been said, I would check with your physician first so that he is on board.

    The answer to Q2 is yes. Although with Lipodema it has not been researched, in theory, this type of exercise has been proven to reduce fat and positively improve body composition.

    I am unfamiliar with those models, but the pricetag usually indicates the quality of the platform (more or less). Not sure if it is available in Belgium because it is manufactured in Germany, but look into the vibraflex (pivotal) or the DKN XG5 (lineal).

    If ypu have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at

  2. I am looking at purchasing a – I have trawled through the site and understand the difference between linear and pivotal etc … this machine would be for home use (both hubbie and I have aches and pains, I have bad hips). This machine is cheap compared to other models, which is attractive (I have read the articles about getting what you pay for )

    Does anyone have one or can comment on the build quality?



    You have the right idea, inexpensive usually equates to cheaper manufacturing. Therefore, although you will likely benefit overall, the benefits will likely pale in comparison to the benefit of a higher caliber platform. Buyer beware. The goal if to tranfer energy from the platform to you. Cheaper manufacturing results in lost energy (into everything except you).

  3. From a nursing perspective, I would agree with you that liposuction is an extreme measure! Although I have not seen any cases of lipedema, I will share with you my husbands case of lymph congestion. I have a feeling the two are very closely related from your explanation of fat getting “stuck” in your legs and arms.

    Over a year ago, my husband had a small lump appear behind his right ear. Over the next six months it spread out slightly, so we began treating with castor oil packs. It showed some immediate downward movement, but then stopped. I happened upon this sight while looking into rebounding. Rebounding has been noted to aid in lymphatic drainage. As I read through this site and from further discussion with those in the field, Gabriel included, I became convinced that WBV would be an excellent type of therapy to aid the lymph system.

    We began researching the different brands of WBV machines and hope to soon make our decision based on what is available in the USA. Since we don’t have access to a machine at this point, my husband has been rebounding 20-40 minutes a day. The lump is softening! Let me tell you we are pretty excited! But the best thing is this, WBV is definitely superior! From my understanding vibration therapy is like rebounders on steroids. Vibration therapy does 40x more for your body in one second than what a rebounder can do in the same amount of time. The key here, in my opinion, is that vibration therapy moves lymph! And again, in my opinion, moving lymph is very crucial in healing the body of disease.

    Best to you as you seek to regain your health!


  4. I have used WBV successfully to ease the pain associated with lipedema (and with knee arthritis). Although the product was advertised as helping with weight loss, I have not noticed a loss of lipedemic fat, but I may not have used it consistently enough for long enough to notice that kind of difference.

    Could you please tell me more about your use of ultrasonic treatment to implode fat cells?

    Thanks …

  5. I am having a hard time deciding on a WBV platform. I have gone into research overload. If I could get some input from some of the more knowledgable it would be greatly appreciated. Is the G-Load or acceleration one of the most important elements to look for in choosing a WBV machine. It is for both me and my husband general overal fitness. He is still into sports and very athletic. I am in Canada and have tried the Vibrogym, DKN, T-ZONE(dont want). The price to value seems very good on the DKN X10. Am I missing something out there that I should be considering in the $3500-$4500 range. Thanks


    • ravewave says:

      Wave vibration exercise is made in Canada. I personally have 3 of them and my customers have wonderful results. Check them out. They have a vibration stuido as well as a manufacturing plant in Canada. I have had nothing but a wonderful experience with the machines, and have many testimonials from clients that I would be more than happy to share with you. Good luck!

  6. Movado,

    G-Force or accleration, although important, are not the most important features when choosing a platform. What is of utmost importance is your intended usage. Can you giev a little more information on your ages, medical histories, experience with fitness in general. Both the VG and the DKN are solid platforms, but differ in their usage as the VG is classified as a training platform while the DKN is a therapy platform. Both have value, but the limits of the platform can differ. The research can be overwhelming, but that is why this site exists, to help decipher the mystery of it all. Unfortunately, we are still waiting for all the kinks to be worked out on the new site.

  7. I am 38 and my husband is 33 going on 18. I am not that active, although if we go back 4 years ago I would in line skate 3-4 times a week for 1hr. My husband lifts weights 2 times a week and runs on our treadmill 4 times a week. We both have a clean bill of health with no injuries. I don’t want crap but I do want a good product between $3500-$4500 Can $$. I was on this site gathering most of my info. any views it seems to make sense and it is very in depth. Thanks for your input.


  8. I am unsure about the conversion to the US dollar, but I think it is quite close. Given what you have told me about your age, health status etc., I would suggest the DKN XG10 (4k), Vibraflex (Galileo platform’s name in the US) HE2 ($4600 – Pivotal and reviewed on that site), or the Hypergravity Personal Deluxe (unsure about the price, but think it is in your range). The Vibrogym reviewed on that site is the Evolution model and retails around 10-12k I believe.

    They all have plus’ and minus’ versus each other, but all are reliable and seem appropriate for you both. One last question…What are your HUSBANDS goals? Does he want to enhance his muscle tone, try and build mass, or just complement his existing program? I hate to make this so complicated, but you are spending good money and should have the absolute most ideal platform that can allow both of you to reach your individual goals while also progressing your program. If you want to speak further, email me through my site Otherwise, let me know here on this blog and perhaps we can reach a final conclusion.

  9. Jackie, to be clear, I should add that you will likely reach your goals on any of the platforms. The amplitude differs for these platforms and that may be important to consider for your husbands goals. That is why I am asking for that info.

  10. lois jones says:

    am interested i one of these machines but not for thousand dollars is their any that works for a low price

  11. My God, I have read so many comments about this dubious subject all over the net for over a week. I too am looking to purchase a Vib Machine and I can not seem to access a pdf file containing recommendations for home use (although I do have an idea of what NOT to buy).

    I suffer hormonal fluid retention which turns me into a sponge from day to day. I have been using an electric hand massager with amazing results and think the next step would be Vibe. Id like to use it for lymph flow/fluid as well as fitness (if i can afford it). I am 40.

    There seem to be a couple of machines I can not find any comments on (I’m in Australia), one is HYPERVIBE and the other is WBV-3000: OTO FLABeLOS

    Any comments about either of these would be greatly appreciated / helpful and any recommendations anyone could make would also be great. I am trying to find something that isn’t top of the range as i can not afford it but one that i am not getting completely ripped off with…

    Please help!


  12. Tanya Tuck says:

    Hi. I have suffered from Diagnosed Lipodema 9 years having constantly being a the GP for 4 years previous to the diagnosis. I have lost 10 stones with Slimming World and having been diagnosed with Under Active Thyriod and now ME… It was suggested by a nurse I know about the Vibroplate. I have purchased the Crazy Fit Vibroplate and to be honest, Ive not used it sufficiently the last month (due to ME symptoms) but I can tell you all that I have reduced swelling and pain and my skin (cellulite) had decreased significantly. I use it once a day for 15 mins and sometimes dont do the exercises (as per the guide) but just stand on it varying the intensity. The Plate was £210 and if it reduces the pain/swelling alone – the weight loss would be a bonus.

    There is no cure for Lipodema although my Consultant says that there have been pioneering liposuction surgery (not like usual) with using a laser in Germany.

    Although Im a size 12 on my torso, my hips can be squeezed into a 14 having shrunk down from a size 26!!!

    I also have endured the RAD DIET which is an apidose diet incorporating the Slimming World plan, i dont except that there is no management for this condition… my consultant – specialising in Lipodema says compression garments DO NOT WORK for PURE LIPODEMA as it is FAT not FLUID. MLD does not work either, but the vibroplate does help with it, so if you are a suffere – i can recommend it along with swimming or Aqua Aerobics if you feel confident to go to a public pool.

    I am currently researching a non inflammatory diet to assit with Slimming World (as Im a consultant) as it shows in research that certain foods can increase and immobilise and progress problems with certain conditions and diseases. Worth a look I think… Lets not get bogged down with negatives, strive for excellence in what life has to offer and make the most of what we do have.

    Hope this helps.

    • Hi, just read your article about Lipoedema and power plates. I’ve just come across the fact that I have lipoedema and I have gone into panic mode quite frankly. After looking on websites have been horrified with my findings. It was a pleasure to come across yours which has a positive attitude towards it and has made me feel much better about the condition. I have already ordered a power plate and hopefully keep the condition at bay. Thanks

  13. The Power Plate is VERY overpriced for a plastic machine made in China.

    For Lipoedema even a cheaper slow Pivotal machine would give fantastic results. ( if used properly )

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