August 14, 2018

List of Vibration Training Resources

We are putting together a comprehensive list of vendors and manufacturers of vibration training platforms.

If you have any additions, corrections, or deletions please add a comment below or contact us.


  1. Nick Morris says:

    Highlights how damaging the low quality products that are marketed as weight loss tools are to the entire WBV industry.
    A quality WBV is an incredible tool for weight loss – but the sham replicas are not only ineffective, they place a bad mark against the WBV industry as a whole. Let’s keep cleaning it up, and flourish into the future.

  2. Nick Morris says:

    WBV is an incredible piece of technology when it is designed, created and crafted properly. Policing the inadequate, dangerous and mindless is essential to accelerate the growth, development and outreach of this incredible technology – and to ensure the fantastic lifestyle enhancement that many will enjoy in the future, as quality WBV becomes more accessible to them.

  3. I am interesting to find some information material about WBV .
    I would like to learn about the best poses and how to build a training and weight loss programme for my self . I have just bought the Hypergravity Elite Professional and it has a lot of frequency settings which i dont know how to use . I dont know how to start and build a personal progamme . Is there any book or something which can help me ? The machine came with a poster with exercises but i think i can not trust them .

    King Regards

  4. Christine says:

    Does any one know about T-Zone Vibration?
    I would like to have some information before buying it?
    My goal is the get pain relief and if weight loss come along it’s ok!
    Thank you

  5. Hi Christine,

    The T-Zone brand name like a majority of machines offered in the market place are categorized as low resistance platforms. Simply put, a massage machine for most users.

    See this earlier article for more on this type of machine

    Capable if reaching frequencies of 12 – 16 Hz. (top speed on console 50, 70 or 99 depending on model unloaded, performance will drop with the weight of a user) they may deliver some pain relief through increased blood circulation and muscle messaging effects. Clarification of your related pain may provide the medical practitioners here at further direction on use also.

    No effort weight loss or loosing inches is heavily marketed by these companies.

    High resistance platforms are capable of delivering a full range of benefits and better suited for strength training in turn, reducing body fat.

    The current list of validated high resistance platforms is available here

    We also encourage you to try as many different machines as possible in your area, recommendations would be possible knowing where you are.

  6. Christine says:

    Hello Peter,

    Thank you for your response.
    I’m under osteopathic treatments since last October; my problem is a long term one, a car accident 20 years ago… I had all sort of treatments, some did bring a little relief for a short period of time, but the pain always come back. Every time a try some sort of exercises, I end up hurting myself, even with yoga! I’ve tried about every thing to get a certain relief; the pain is mostly in my hips and legs. Some day’s it is so painful that I have difficulty to sleep, walk or even stand up straight, it’s always on the right side of the body. I’ve always been treated for the sciatic nerve, but according to the osteopath I’m presently seeing, the problem is my neck (2 whiplashes in the accident). The body took a way to compensate to get some sort of relief and according to him again that is mainly the cause of every trouble I have. I must say that, for the first time, with him, I really feel some amelioration. He’s treating the neck and pelvis and for now, I can not do any kind of exercises until the body is stabilized. So my question is, would this help me?
    For the vibration machine, the one I saw at a health fair is the VT-20 by T-Zone Vibration Health Technology, I’ve tried it just a little and would like to know if this would be a good investment, of course, I will talk about it with my physician, but I would really like to have some good information before. I took a look at the page you refer me to, and it is not at all in the same price range… the one that I saw is over 2000$!! So before investing that kind of money, I really what to be sure of the product! I’m form Québec.
    I’m looking forward to your response.

  7. Christine,

    Peter has asked me to reply to you given the medical concerns that you have indicated in your post.

    I can follow your description of the problem and am pleased that your Osteopath is giving you some relief. What I don’t follow is the following:

    1) You say that your “body needs to be stabilized”, and that you cannot do exercises until then. How can you achieve stability without any exercises? Is it purely through the manual work of the osteopath?

    2) You also say, “will vibration help me?”. What are you looking to achieve with the platform?

    I understand you want pain relief, but pain is an extremely complex thing (as I am sure you can appreciate). Relief from it can often require many things.

    When it comes to vibration, you can use a lower quality platform like the T-Zone to assist with circulation, release of connective tissue tightness (massage effects), and perhaps balance training. To achieve those effects AS WELL as other variables like muscle strength, joint stability, and higher levels of nervous system “re-education” require platforms that can deliver higher levels of performance. We have listed those platforms that we approve of on this site.

    With a little further information, we can help figure out what is best for you.

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