September 18, 2014

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Whole Body Vibration and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Below is an interview I did for a local Ehlers-Danlos group. I felt would be good to share with the visitors to the site since they are among the many individuals who stand to benefit from this unique form of training and perhaps several are visiting this site in hopes of finding something that can help them. [Read More...]

Whole Body Vibration for Low Back Pain

There are many reasons for people to experience what has been collectively characterized as “low back pain” or “lumbago”. Among the more common sources are:

• Strong Physical Trauma (i.e. car accident, fall, heavy lifting).
• Emotional Trauma (i.e. anxiety, depression).
• Overuse (i.e. poor posture or alignment, excessive exercising).
• Underuse (excessive sitting at work, sedentary lifestyle)***

*** Underuse leads to weakness, resulting in overuse when being active. [Read More...]

Vibration Training and Fat Loss: Is Cardio Necessary?

As a Vibration Training studio owner, I have become quite familiar with the question, “I still need to do cardio right?”  This question, often asked with the intention of maximizing fat loss rather than any concern over cardiovascular health, is falsely based on the idea that exercise can be simply broken down into one of two categories, aerobic (“cardio”) or anaerobic (Vibration Training in this case). It is a question that exemplifies how little most people know about the science of exercise as it pertains to fat loss, and the incredibly brilliant yet complex metabolic pathways by which it is maximized. [Read More...]